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Environmental Sustainability

"It's all about action"


Farnell Packaging Limited's long-term objective is to integrate environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. We continue to demonstrate our leadership which initially grew out of the founder's beliefs and values of what was right and made good business sense: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, invest in distillation equipment to reclaim solvents from waste inks, R&D investment for biodegradable film products, and re-visit efficient water and energy practices.


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Farnell has a long history of best practices in reducing our carbon footprint as recognized by our community and industry awards:



We Are All In This Together

US Composting Council Certification

Today, more than ever before, the selection of a flexible packaging supplier involves many considerations beyond the actual performance of a particular product. The ability of a supplier to support your sustainability objectives is an important piece of the puzzle, leading to success. We work closely with customers exploring ways in which we can be more efficient and cognizant of our shared business in order to reduce our carbon footprint - material down-gauging, pack size, freight utilization, end-use waste... we are all in this together.

Farnell Packaging Limited - Environmental Protection Policy

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